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Umbrella Insurance

from Onstad's Insurance Agency

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance represents a unique category of coverage in that you must have other types of insurance policies already in place, like homeowners or auto insurance. Then, if a claim exceeds your policy limit or a certain incident isn't covered under your other policies, your umbrella coverage can offer protection. 

Protect Your Lifestyle 

Typically, umbrella insurance is best for individuals or families of high net worth>span class="s1">, but this is not the case.  Whether you have high-value assets or few assets but a well paying job, you have a lot more for someone to potentially take away in a lawsuit. You've worked hard to get where you are, so of course you'll want to be protected. An umbrella policy can provide the extra coverage you need to cover any potential lawsuits while preserving your future

Affordable Protection for Your Peace of Mind 

Because umbrella insurance is designed to act as a supplement to your other insurance policies, you are less likely to need to use it than your other policies. It will only go into effect after you have exhausted the monetary limits of your home, auto, or other insurance coverage. Due to the lower level of risk involved for insurance companies, umbrella insurance tends to be relatively affordable for the amount of extra coverage you can obtain. It is well worth this small additional investment to protect your family's future. 

Coverage Outside Your Other Policies 

In some cases, you may be faced with an incident that your other policies don't cover. You may be able to use your umbrella policy to cover events that fall outside the purview of your other coverage. Umbrella insurance also typically covers any legal fees you incur throughout the claims process. 

Independent Insurance Agents to Meet Your Needs 

At Onstad's Insurance Agency, our insurance agents are independent, meaning they don't work for just one insurance company. Instead, we work with a wide range of insurance carriers, each offering different types of policies with varying coverage options. This enables us to find the perfect policy to meet your unique needs without being beholden to a specific insurance carrier's limited choices. We invite you to get in touch with our team today to learn more about how umbrella insurance works and whether it is right for you. Call 925-866-1444 for a free, no-obligation quote for coverage.